Some of my latest videos.

I am happy to share with you these songs.


I have also recently uploaded some new videos of the band playing live to YouTube. You can view them here

The band performing on Later with Jools Holland 2008

The Trio live

5 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. Dear Terry,
    we toured together for a short time in 1973 with Gilbert O’Sullivan. My name is Gene Roma. I would play drums to bring on the warm up act (comedian) then move back to play percussion for Gilbert’s bit.
    I had a very busy career and retired in 2009 to just play jazz with my local musician friends in Boston.
    I’m now 70 and was 27 when we did the tour. I always loved your playing and learned a great deal watching you from my post every night.
    I also remember that you hated flying, and we did that every day!
    I’m grateful to have met you and hope that this finds you well and happy.

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