Terry has performed on many albums and sessions here are a few of them:

Alexis KornerSky High (1966)
Alexis Korner – Blues Incorporated (1967)
Alexis Korner – Bootleg Him! (1972)
Alexis Korner – The BBC Radio Sessions (1994)
Ashton & LordFirst of the Big Bands (1974)
Bert JanschBirthday Blues (1968)
Bert Jansch – Rosemary Lane (1971)
Bread, Love & DreamsAmaryllis (1971)
Charles AznavourAznavour Live 4: Olympia (1980)
Cleo LaineReturn to Carnegie (1976)
Damian Halloran and Maria MillwardGreat Stories and Songs (2002)
Dana GillespieWeren’t Born a Man (1973)
David BowieSpace Oddity (1969)
Digby Fairweather – “Song for Snady”
Duffy Power – Little Boy Blue (1965-67)
Duffy Power – Sky Blues (Rare Radio Sessions, 1968-94)
Duffy Power – Innovations (1970)
Elton JohnElton John (1970)
Elton John – Madman Across the Water (1971)
Fishbaugh Fishbaugh ZornFishbaugh Fishbaugh & Zorn (1972)
George MartinLive and Let Die (Soundtrack, 1973)
Harold McNairFence (1970)
Harvey AndrewsFriends of Mine (1973)
JadeFly on Strangewings (1970)
Jan & LorraineGypsy People (1969)
John Dawson – Friend of Mine (1975)
John RenbournSir John Alot of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng & Ye Grene Knyghte (1968)
John Renbourn – Lady and the Unicorn (1971)
John WilliamsChanges (1971)
Leslie DuncanSing Children Sing (1971)
Linda LewisSay No More (1971)
Long John BaldryGood to Be Alive (1976)
Lynsey de PaulSurprise (1973)
Lynsey de Paul – Taste Me…Don’t Waste Me (1974)
Marian SegalFly on Strange Wings
Mike BattSchizophonia (1977)
Mike SilverTroubadour (1973)
Patrick and Matrix YandallThat Feels Nice! (1993)
Pete AtkinThe Road of Silk (1974)
Philwit & PegasusPhilwit & Pegasus (1970)
Ray Warleigh – First Album (1969)
Rick SpringfieldComic Book Heroes (1974)
Rupert HinePick Up a Bone (1971)
Scott WalkerStretch (1973)
Scott Walker – We Had It All (1974)
Shawn BrothersFollow Me (1974)
Shirley CollinsWithin Sound Box Set (1970)
Shirley & Dolly CollinsLove Death and The Lady (1970)
The SallyangieChildren of the Sun (1969)
Tudor Lodge – Tudor Lodge11 (1971)
Wally WhytonIt’s Me Mum

22 thoughts on “Collaborations”

  1. I read many years ago you had co-written a song called “Anyway” with Lynsey de Paul which was destined to be a single. Is there any more infromation about it?

  2. Hi Terry
    You probably won’t know anything of me. I am the daughter of Michael Lacey and Janet Lacey. There parents are Helen and Hilda Lacey, they had quite a few brothers too.

    I look at pictures of the familly often including your Mother and Father. I am the black sheep of the family and suffer with mental health problems. It would be nice to hear from you as sometimes I don’t feel like having anything to do with my family. I live in Wallingford and my email address is – I would love to hear from you.


    1. Sadly I have not heard anymore and now she has joined the big girls band in the sky maybe I will. Thanks for asking. Terry

    2. Hi Annabelle
      At last someone in the family has written to me. I am like you a black sheep and a chronic bi-polar. Some times we went for dinner with Michael,s Mum & Dad for very enjoyable dinners. At my Dad,s funeral, everyone seemed to shun me. I can only Imagine It was something I said. Keep In touch if you like Jill & Terry

      ood job I have a personal driver,friend and music lover Terry

    3. Hi Annabelle
      A bigger family than I knew. Meet another black sheep and bi-polar lunatic. Although I have had this mental problem always, it was not until 1982 that i found out. We have 3 grandchildren, the eldest is 17 and a piano! genius!! Hot, and clever. Her friends call her Ella because she is always singing. If she starts playing & singing who knows? her sister is a truly happy soul and her half brother is a bit of a handful. If you feel like it, keep in touch!!! Love Jill & Terry

    1. Hi William
      Traveling song was written by Bert and the Press decided that this song changed the !folk music! for ever. cheers Terry

  3. Terry

    A voice from the past, 32 years in fact. I would love to hear from you those days with Charles were a great experience for us all.

    John (Reg)

    1. How are you Reg. I have some fond memories of the Aznavour but as
      usual it all ended in tears when he used an Italian band instead of us
      and he ignored me the next day at the airport(this after 6 years of
      working with him). I must say this is standard behavior with STARS.
      Thanks for getting in touch and I await a full report on your last30
      years. All the best Doormouse.

      1. Hi Reg
        The Letter that you mentioned was either writen(taken suddenly drunk) or by some-one else. Whatever, great top hear from you. What have you been up to for *** years? all the best dormouse.

  4. Hi Reg
    Either I wrote the letter years ago(reflects my feelings), or someone else did. It is great to be in contact and I would like to know what is happening with you. Regards Terry

    1. Hi Reg
      I Either wrote the letter years ago(taken suddenly drunk) so don,t remember. Thanks for being in touch and what have you been doing all these years ? Regards Dormouse

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