Thank you Moondog

During the recording of the double album “Sweet Child” I realised that all the other members had included solo tracks so Iset about doing one track myself.

Many year earlier I first heard some percussion work by “MOONDOG” recorded live on the street where he played every day in New York City.The material was of great interest to me as he used unusual time signatures.

When I was having drum lessons and since Iived outside London I traveled by train and listened carefully to the rhythm of the wheels in contact with the track which i tribute to listening to MOONDOG.
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Pentangle to play live summer 2011

After a succesfful UK tour in 2008, i’m happy to announce that Pentangle will be playing live again this summer. We’re playing the accoustic stage at Glastonbury on Saturday 25th June, Cambridge Folk Festival on 30th July and the Royal Festival Hall on August 1st.

Also keep your eyes peeled for a release of a live CD from 2008 and hopefully one from this year too.

Cheers Terry